About Medical Magic Marker

The Medical Magic Marker ensures clean and sterile hands, and can be uniformly used in all healthcare and industrial applications such as, for example, operating suites, hospital rooms, kitchens, intensive care areas, and all outpatient and inpatient health care facilities.

In another application, the Medical Magic Marker can be used in consumer and industrial applications such as computer chip manufacturing, food plants, schools, and/or any other public or private gathering.

Developed by a Physician, the patented Medical Magic Marker is a specific disposable pen device used to reduce the bacteria count on the hands during routine washings.

This marker looks and feels like an ordinary magic marker. The difference is that this Medical Magic Marker actually saves lives!

Currently studies are being performed with the Medical Magic Marker globally. This product has been certified eco-friendly.

The Medical Magic Marker is disposable, cost effective, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, portable, and can fit in any shirt pocket for travel.

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