About Us

MMM is a privately held Medical Intuitive Company that was established in 2008 with offices throughout California; and is the sole developer and owner of the Medical Magic Marker.

“Our Medical Magic Marker is unique in which it can prevent infections and save lives.”

At MMM, we seek to deliver truly innovative products for medical specialties and the public at large.

Our mission as a company is to build a major global Medical Intuitive Corporation while focusing on the discovery, the development, and the commercialization of products for the good of mankind.

“This marker looks and feels like an ordinary magic marker. The difference is that this Medical Magic Marker actually saves lives.”

We are committed to the environment, and are conscious of our footprint and eco safety in our global society, as we are to any clinical accomplishments.  At MMM we put people first with industry-leading programs that provide information, support and access to our innovative products.

Lee Cohen MD MS
Director: Laith Salih MBA
Director of Public Relations:  Nancy Hayssen
General Counsel:  Eugene Jizhak LLC

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Lee Cohen MD MS